Analytics 72


  • Supporting the processing demands associated with compute intensive large-scale projects or high-density pixel based data sets is the Analytics 72 server. After gathering requirements, our server engineers will construct and tune a server specific to your business needs. Backed by industry leading technology partners like General Datatech, Analytics 72 is a multi processor, multi GPU accelerated server solution that companies large or small can rely on to make sense from drone produced data.

Extreme 20


  • The DroneData Extreme 20 server delivers superior performance to minimize processing times as well as project completion time by hosting multiple applications generating a turn key solution. Pixel based datasets require GPU accelerated computing resources not supported by servers located in typical data centers. Customer defined user accounts allow staff, contractors and customers to collaborate on deliverables using multiple apps hosted in a familiar windows environment.

Extreme 16


  • The DroneData Extreme 16 server is ideal for companies that want to move work flow apps and data from their back office desktop to a familiar and easy to use Microsoft Windows server environment. These servers are accessible from anywhere, on any device, and by any number of users with high bandwidth connectivity and equipped with one or two GPUs supporting medium to heavy weight processing as well as all windows based applications.

Performance 12


  • The DroneData Performance 12 servers provide a Windows environment for applications that may require GPU acceleration. The server is typically dedicated to one application but remains accessible from anywhere by any authorized user. As compute accelerated applications go main stream, more GPU enabled nodes will be necessary to support processing demands. Price performance allows customers to utilize multiple dedicated servers economically.

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